PS3 turns 3!

It’s been a long hard slog but on the third anniversary of the PS3, Sony have found a good place in the market and look to be doing all they can to stay there. Yes, the PS3 is three years old! There’s of course a mass of marketing from head office but I won’t bore you with that, just give you a few facts; As of the end of September 2009, around 27 million PS3s have been the centre of many living rooms or bedrooms ranging from 20GB to 250GB models. Sony have appeared to be the most experimental when it comes to downloadable content with games like Noby Noby Boy and .detuned allowing developers more freedom and creativity – regardless if you like them or not! I don’t see the appeal of .detuned myself but appreciate it’s place on PSN. It’s been tough for the system to establish itself with the initial hefty price tag forcing people to ask if they actually need another console – especially when the PS2 was (and to an extent, still is) thriving. Read on for more!

Not to mention the outrageously ambitious ‘demos’ of both MotorStorm and Killzone 2 around the announcement of the PS3 that simply couldn’t be delivered. But to their credit, both developers (Evolution Studios and Guerilla Games) gave it a damn good go proving Sony’s monster is more than capable of producing some beautiful graphics. Games like Metal Gear Solid 4 only helped prove the consoles worth and was the reason why I bought a PS3.

The relatively slow but equally important adoption of PS3s helped Blu-Ray become the market leader for high definition disc -based media resulting in the demise of HDDVDs. Many non-gamers bought a PS3 as it was, at the time, one of the most affordable Blu-Ray players and it’s upgradable firmware made for easier longevity.

Most recently, Bobby Kotick, ceo of Activision Blizzard, cause concern with comments that Activision may ‘have to’ stop supporting the PS3 as early as 2010 due to it’s high development cost and smaller return on investment compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii. These comments were met with heavy criticism and even laughed off by many as arrogance on Kotick’s part. Shortly after but not necessarily as result of said comments, Sony reduced the price of the PS3 and are enjoying healthy sales giving them reason to gloat over the competition – except maybe the Wii.

I must stress, I’m no PlayStation fanboy and do love my Xbox 360 but can only applaud Sony’s efforts in saving what at first appeared to be a sinking ship. They still have a long way to go with things like the marketing of games and the importance of the console itself, plus giving us a constantly reliable online experience but for the most part, things are looking very peachy for the PS3. We already have Uncharted 2 and the new Ratchet & Clank to keep us busy this winter with Heavy Rain coming early next year to join the heard of quality tiles. It’s a good time to own a PS3 and is a shame that it took such a long time to get here. You know what would be nice though? How about some freebies on PSN? No? Well it’s an idea for the official European third birthday on March 23 2010 anyway.


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