Facebook PS3 confirmed in 3.10

Vodpod videos no longer available.

UPDATE: The firmware is now available along with an update for the PSP’s inner gubbins taking it to 6.2

Expect to see your friend’s Facebook wall splattered with news from their PS3 as firmware 3.10 introduces the social networking site to Sony’s console. We can already access Facebook via the PS3’s clunky web browser so 3.10 will link our accounts to the PS3 profiles enabling it to automatically update with such things as Trophies won and Playstation Store activity. As more developers get to grips with the inclusion, we’ll soon be seeing more detailed updates from games like number of kills or even game progression – that kind of thing. The PlayStation Blog said it was just the beginning of what we can expect from Facebook on the PS3 which suggests the possibility something similar to the Xbox 360’s approach (available now with the latest dashboard update). Check out the video above demonstrating the Facebook integration as well as a few other new tweaks that come with firmware 3.10 which is yet to have a more detailed release date other than ‘soon’.


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