Season’s greetings from Valve!

Left 4 Dead - set 2

With all the commercialisation of Christmas, it’s easy to forget what it’s all about. Setting a semi-spherical cake on fire and unnecessarily laughing at mini explosions inside a cardboard tube. This year, Valve (via Destructoid) have added something new to the yearly tradition – the giving and receiving of Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 greeting cards. Drawn by Alexandria Neonakis, the 5″x7″ cards come in sets of 10 costing $15.95 (£9.50) per set and are available from Valve’s online store. Even non gamers will love these as the illustrations are delightfully cheeky – the price tag isn’t too offensive either. Continue reading to see all the cards in their glory.

Left 4 Dead - Set 1

Team Fortress 2 - Set 1

Team Fortress 2 - Set 2


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