Final Fantasy XIII Euro/US release date trailer

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Square Enix has some good news and bad news. The good news, actually, the great news, is that Final Fantasy XIII will be heading to Europe and the US for both Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 9th 2010. That’s only around 3 months after it’s Japanese release which isn’t too bad what with the masses of localisation needed. The bad news however is that Leona Lewis will be providing the game’s theme song; My Hands which apparently features on her new album. It really isn’t as terrible as some internet forums are making out but does seem a bit peculiar. I can’t imagine that a huge franchise such as Final Fantasy would need a promotional ‘hook’ like this so it looks like Ms Lewis will benefit more from this one. Above is the announcement trailer that does come with it’s fair share of corporate self-loving but also a short explanation of the Paradigm Shift in battles – a real-time addition to the turn-based combat. The visuals continue to look great and the combat should be interesting and entertaining. The start of 2010 is going to be great for RPG fans!


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Euro/US release date trailer

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