Brooker’s backing

Modern Warfare 2 - Brooker knows best?

I appreciate that you may be growing tired of all the Modern Warfare 2 stories so I’ll keep this one short. Self proclaimed misery Charlie Brooker has offered his opinions on MW2 and unsurprisingly they’re a little morbid. Total Video Games have been keeping an eye on his Twitter account which begins positive but gradually grows more gloomy as the tweets went on:

“MW2 is fun, and brilliantly made, and spectacular, but it’s basically ‘Bond Goes to War’, but more pretentious…”

“A 9 for technical achievement. But the storyline only merits a 1. It’s daft, and ‘that bit’ is v much ‘unearned’.

And the airport scene?

“Naaah. Because the storyline is total rubbish. It just comes across as empty shock. It doesn’t ‘force’ anyone to ‘confront an issue’ any more than 24 does. It’s entertainment: total schlock at that.”

“In summary: it’s very good, but it’s not the flippin’ messiah or anything. And it has the intellectual depth of Die Hard 4”

“Finished MW2 last night after all. S’alright. More I think about that airport bit the more I think Infinity Ward have lost their minds…”

“… I mean, really: way to set the public image of videogaming back a decade.”

The pessimism seems to clash slightly with the perfect 5/5 score that Brooker awarded MW2 in his review for The Guardian. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it does alter slightly and I respect Brooker for what hopefully is honesty and not the beginning of an expected backlash for a triple A game. PC gamers have that angle covered what with the removal of dedicated servers and other mistreatments from Activision…


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