Gran Turismo 6 – confirmed already

GT5 - That could be you in there...whenever it comes out over here

Gran Turismo 5 isn’t even out and is still yet to receive a solid release date for Europe but creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that a sixth game is already being planned. When speaking to Autoweek (via Total Video Games), Yamauchi said:

“Yes [there will be a GT6 but you] won’t have to wait as long as you did for GT5. GT5 represents a whole new operating system. GT6 is just new apps that run on the GT5 system.”

A shorter time between the two would be beneficial considering we’ve had five years since the release of GT4. Yamauchi puts it down to “starting from scratch” when developing GT5 and doing away with all the previous coding. The cost to production hasn’t phased him either as the $60 million budget is rather small in comparison to other triple A titles. I imagine Polyphony Digital would easily make that money back now there’s fresh hype about their once untouchable driving sim. A few may have grown tired of the wait especially with Turn 10’s Forza franchise to temp them away but like with all games, the hardcore fans are still vast in number.


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