Who wants to be a hero?

DJ Hero - worth every penny?

Activision’s attempt at turning us all into plastic peripheral gathering rhythm junkies has taken a bit of a stumble with the release of DJ Hero. It only managed to chart at number 20 this week in the UK and doesn’t seem to be doing much better in the US according to Gamasutra. Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian spoke to them about the sluggish sales for video games right now and how releasing a game costing $120 – £100 in the UK – was a little ambitious. Sebastian said that so far the sales have been “modest” for DJ Hero though thinks it will sell upwards of 1 million units in the coming months.

His reasonings why, for America at least, is due to the game costing over $100 – a price point that seems to be the cut-off point for a lot of consumers. Not only that but the rhythm game genre may have peaked with Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour seeing as the latest versions, The Beatles: Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5 sold much less than expected. DJ Hero may have sold better if released last holiday season but with the economy the way it is and a new type of rhythm game hitting stores so frequently, I wonder if there’s really room for any more.


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