Wii want demos

Satoru Iwata - demos coming soon

Earlier today I spoke about the importance of game demos specifically for genre-bending titles. Both Microsoft and Sony offer demos of their downloadable games whereas Nintendo opted not to provide such a perk. That is until now according to Andriassang. Nintendo are looking for ways to get more consumers into the Wii Shopping channel which will hopefully result in them parting some cash. In order to do this they’re hoping that providing demos of WiiWare (and possibly DSiWare) titles later this month. The move is a result of poor sales for both WiiWare and DSiWare although no specific numbers were shared by Satoru Iwata, ceo of Nintendo at a recent Q&A session with investors. He doesn’t think that demos will turn the service around however:

“Unless we can give people a reason to go to the Wii Shopping Channel and DSi Shop even if they don’t have business there, I don’t believe digital goods sales will heat up.”

Considering the DSiWare channel is awash with clock skins that do nothing other than provide a differing look to the existing clock. WiiWare does have some decent titles but many are tired ports or under developed titles reminiscent of free online flash games. If Nintendo address this problem and provide some marketing for the better titles on the services, I would imagine things would pick up for them.


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