Rain on me

Heavy Rain - what would you do?

How would you explain Heavy Rain to a friend? Or even from a journalistic side, how do I describe all the intricacies and technical achievements of the game without making it sound dull? The best way is via a demo or failing that, some fantastic marketing and trailers. Thankfully David Cage confirmed with G4tv that a demo is in development but does come with it’s fair share of issues:

“Finding one scene that can convey what we are trying to achieve with Heavy Rain is something really difficult. If we show an action scene, some players will think that this is what Heavy Rain is all about, and it is the same thing if we show an exploration scene. The problem is that each scene of the game offers contextual game play, which is something very difficult to explain and convey in a single demo. Demos are often a double-edge thing: if you don’t release one, players may think that you have something to hide. We also know many good games that ended up not being massive hits because the demo could not convey the quality of the game behind it.”

The ability to be able to play through a game such as Heavy Rain before purchasing is essential. Sony aren’t the best at making consumers aware of their products so there’s a good chance that HR could become lost on the shelf or simply ignored. Now Quantic Dream have a huge task at balancing the demo to convey every part, from action to emotional, equally. Good luck guys!


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