A mass DLC initiative

Mass Effect 2 - hide and seek

Rumour has it that Mass Effect 2 will be receiving a hefty amount of DLC in order to detour us from growing bored and trading the game after completion. I say rumour as the broken details have emerged from a Microsoft Expert quiz reports Desructoid. The quiz enables retailers to have a bit more info about the game for their promotions so wasn’t intended for the public to see. Allegedly we can expect such things as weapon and armour packs, new characters, planned episodic combat, new worlds to explore as well as full campaign expansions. Not only that but the as-yet-unannounced Cerberus Network in the game will carry out periodic updates which presumably includes the DLC.

Before we get too carried away lets not forget all the ambitious promises that the first game was meant to have such as highly detailed side-quests and at one point some form of MMO style attributes. I expect BioWare would have learned from the lacklustre response to Mass Effect 1’s DLC and this time are more likely to deliver on their promises. January can’t come soon enough!


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