Modern standards

Modern Warfar 2 - shocking...

UPDATE: Activision has officially commented on the leaked video confirming that we will be playing as an officer who’s infiltrated the inner circle of a terrorist. The scene is meant to show off the horror of terrorism but with the real news flooded with such a thing, do we need reminding? We will have the option to skip the scene which begs the question ‘why put it in at all?’. After that will surely come ‘why not have it as a cut scene?’

Original story on October 28th 2009: Claims that Modern Warfare 2 has over stepped the boundaries of good taste sounds to me like a hefty serving of double standards. The story (via Eurogamer) goes that a now-removed video was leaked onto YouTube showing the fourth level of MW2 where the player appears to massacre an abundance of innocents after emerging from a lift in an airport. At one point, the player can be seen shooting the wounded civilians as they attempt to crawl away. The voice over before such bloodshed suggests that we’d be playing as an undercover officer inside a terrorist gang which is why we’d take part in the killings. Either that or our character will be an ex-soldier who deferred to the enemy. I can’t be too sure since it’s all a little vague but the following voiceover left me feeling a little uneasy: “Makarov… obeys no law. He has no limits and stops at nothing: torture, human traffic, or genocide. He’s guided by no ideals, respects no rights, no countries. He trades blood for money. He is our new friend.”

Regardless as to whether I actually want to partake in the killing of innocent people in a video game, it’s really nothing new and I don’t see what all the fuss is about or why it’s being dubbed as ‘shocking’. Prototype had us absorb random civilians for health and, of course, the infamous Grand Theft Auto series is rife with potential massacres of the innocent. It will be interesting to see whether we’re actually forced to take part in the killings for progression or if we’d have a choice in the matter. I’d be surprised if the BBFC would allow the former to take place in a game after the scandal with Manhunt 2 but then again, Modern Warfare 2 is this years biggest game and I’m sure an agreement would be made.


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