Market stall

Satoru Iwata - remember that promise of differing remotes? {Image from}

Nintendo’s top dog (or is that Nintendog?), Satoru Iwata, has commented on the companies earnings report which shows how the Wii’s sales have slipped, resulting in a dip in profits. Between April and September 2009, the Wii sold 5.75 million units which is 43% less than the same period in 2008, forcing Nintendo to reevaluate it’s 12 month forecast. Before the report, they expected to sell 26 million units. Now however Nintendo are hoping to get 20 million. Iwata said the Wii has actually “stalled” because they were unable to “continually release strong software”. You’re not wrong Mr Iwata. He also commented on how they’ve been “unable to show a new game to become ‘the next thing'” and how it’s difficult to recover once you’ve taken such a hit in sales.

What amuses me about this story is how the Wii has consistently sold between 200,000 and 600,000 (even more around the holidays) and have made a profit on every single system sold from launch yet Nintendo are suggesting the console has ‘stalled’ now it’s selling more like it’s competitors. I agree that there has been an incredible lack of quality titles when compared to all the shovel-ware the Wii receives but the sales slump should have come as no surprise for that very fact.

{Thanks Andriasang}


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