A house in the country

GTAV? - Image from gta4.netWith the release of GTA: Episodes from Liberty City (the disc based version of both 360 exclusive DLCs), rumours have started about the possible hint at Grand Theft Auto V reports Console Monster. In the manual for GTA:EfLC an advert can be found on page 13 (seen right) which suggests that whatever could be next will be set in the country. Under the words ‘Liberty City, it’s over’ is the smaller ‘Next stop’ and then what looks to be a bit ripped out from the add. Beneath the rip is a stylised drawing of a rural environment. For that reason, some sites are flirting with the idea that this is Rockstar’s way of telling us a new GTA is coming. I have no doubt that a new one is either being worked on or at least spoken about within the developers but whether this is meant to indicate that is anyone’s guess. It could be something to do with Red Dead Redemption (originally meant for this year but release date now unknown) since that is set in the wild west but the image looks a bit too lush and green for that. What do you think?


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