The rapture is coming

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Oh what to think? Bioshock was a game that was not only a joy to play but a fanciful feast for the eyes and ears. After the game’s weak ending (such a shame…) I wanted a sequel almost straight away, even though there wasn’t really need for one. Nevertheless, Bioshock 2 is out next year (February 9th) and trailers are coming thick and fast, hoping to pique the interest of those who may have previously dismissed the game after news that Ken Levine wouldn’t be so heavily involved. From what we see above, I hope these people are convinced as it’s looking really good. The pace seems to have quickened a touch from the first and the boss looks a bit unoriginal but for the most part, it’s good old Bioshock. Ending the trailer is a sentence on how the hands-on embargo lifts this Thursday so expect a flourish of excitement soon.


2 thoughts on “The rapture is coming

  1. Looks amazing. Hopefully it’s not bogged down with constant fighting, but I have a feeling it’s going to turn out alright without Levine’s heavy involvement so to speak.

  2. Pretty cool huh? I quite like the idea of playing as a Big Daddy since it was quite fun for the short amount of time we got to play as one in Bioshock 1

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