Size is everything

DSi - set to enlarge

UPDATE: This is indeed true and will be coming to Europe early next year. To confirm, the DSi XL (as it’s to be known) will have a 4.2 inch screen, longer battery life and comes with a fatter stylus as well as the usual size one. The price is unknown but since it’s so soon after the DSi’s release, whatever it will be, it won’t be great value for money.

Nintendo maybe feeling a little inadequate in the size department if what Gamespot reported yesterday turns out to be true. Apparently a new version of the ever popular DSi is to begin production and be in Japanese stores as soon as this year. What sets this new iteration apart from it’s brethren are two 4+ inch screens…and that’s about it. Why Nintendo feel they need to make yet another SKU of a system that already sells millions of units it beyond me. The first thing that comes to mind is how the existing 3.25 inch screens on the DSi could be seen as ‘too small’ when compared with the 4.3 inch screen of the PSP-3000 (the PSPgo has a slightly smaller 3.8 inch display). Even the iPhone sports a bigger mini-monitor of 3.5 inches. Bigger screens means a bigger price with DSi2 (not an official name) costing ¥18,900£125. Ironically that works out cheaper than the current DSi’s price in the UK but I highly doubt it’ll stay at such a saving. The only other tweak is better protection against hackers but I wouldn’t have thought it would last or be apart of the press releases for the new system – if it does indeed exist.


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