3 times the charm

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rune Factory was an interesting spin on an already unique video game genre – the farming sim. Set on another world where monsters replaced farm animals, it added combat to the previous gentle style of gameplay. Rune Factory 2 improved on what it’s foregoer accomplished but still had room for it’s own personal improvement. Now comes the release of Rune Factory 3 (only in Japan for the time being) which looks to better it’s predecessors in every way. From the trailer it’s clear the the graphics have had another level of polish – even if only to the cut scenes characters – and elements of the gameplay have me excited about leaving my hardcore titles in favour of something more peaceful. Character interaction seems more interesting, farming looks to be less of a chore and the main character can mysteriously turn into a monster himself adding a new way of playing the game. There’s no word as to when it will head to the UK though considering we’re still yet to see Rune Factory 2 (even though the US has had it for some time), it maybe longer than we’d like. Thankfully there are many sites that would import the English version of Rune Factory 3 when it heads to the states – that’s what I’ll be doing!


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