Molynuex confirms the obvious

Fable III - hopefully we can buy a nanny

Last night while at BAFTA’s Annual Video Game Lecture Peter Molynuex revealed some news that isn’t really all that surprising. Fable III will have Project Natal support. Shocker huh? Molynuex was part of the unveiling if PN back at E3 so to include it in one of his biggest franchises was only to be expected. Just as he had the audience right where he wanted, Molynuex unleashed even more info about his RPG sequel – Fable III will also have micro-transactions. Bombshell! In all honesty the micro-transactions seem quite a cool inclusion but will no doubt throw up a few debates about their reasonings. F3 will allow us to buy items, islands for exploration and possibly even walkthroughs via an in-game store. Not with in-game currency however, with Microsoft Points – real money. Some could argue that it’s shameful to sell items that would potentially already be on the disc and unlockable if you play for a few hours but others could say how their game-time is limited so buying such things up front would benefit them tenfold. Since the news only reveals the inclusion of micro-transactions, both parties will have to keep their bickering at bay until we hear anymore info.

{Thanks Videogamer}


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