Mmm crunchy

Critter Crunch - mock ups never looked so good!

Over at they have a great article about Torontonian indie developers Capybara Games and their disturbingly cute puzzle game Critter Crunch. The game first appeared many moons ago on mobile phones to much praise and is now being ported over the the PS3 with a complete graphical overhaul. Boingboing compare the art stye to that of Studio Ghibli and I couldn’t agree more – with a ridiculous grin on my face while marvelling at the spherical characters within the game. You play as Biggs whose goal is to catch a small blue creature in your mouth then spit it into the mouth of a slightly larger green beastie how in term, gets caught and spat into a larger purple animal. More coloured animals appear the further you progress but the main gameplay stays the same. The swapping of these beings is a lot of fun but it’s the character design and levels that really shine and do so even brighter when read that Critter Crunch is the product of just two guys. Yep, two guys not only dreamt up the mobile game with all it’s gubbins but also the visually upgraded PS3 version. There’s a trailer after the break but If you want to see more you should first head over to and check out all the concept art they have. Then of course download the demo which is waiting for you on PSN. Where you go from there, be it full PSN game, iPhone/mobile phone version or even just peruse the Capybara website, it’s totally up to you but try not to squeal too much at the cuteness of it all…or is that just me?!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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