Civilization Network - it's coming!

Sid Meier‘s strategic classic, Civilization, is coming to Facebook according from the big man himself. Posting on a fan forum (via Eurogamer) Meier said “I wanted to let you know we’ll soon be looking for beta testers to help us develop a unique new way to play Civilization. Ever since we finished Civilization Revolution last year, I’ve been looking at ways of expanding the Civ gameplay experience to include solo, competitive and cooperative play to take advantage of the uniqueness of social networks. We’re calling this project Civilization Network and the full game will be available next year on Facebook.” Pretty cool for all you junkies of the social scene. It also looks as if the game will have an MMO style gameplay as gamers are able to join forces creating one almighty civilization. We’ll be able to share resources, form personal governments or work together to build those great wonders of the world (which I tend to ignore to be honest). Everything we expect from a Civ game will be present and most importantly, it will be free! The closed beta starts soon with the full game out next year by the Firaxis team. More information can be found on the Civ’s Facebook fanpage.


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