Black is the new black

Black Wii bundle - courtesy of

Back in August, Japan was privileged enough to be offered an all new Wii just in case they hadn’t bought one by then. This Wii had not a better graphics card nor was it holding a larger hard drive. Oh no, this Wii was black. Now we here in blighty and the rest of Europe for that matter can get our own grubby hands on one without the fear of leaving dirty finger prints. Come November 6th, an all new black bundle (Nintendo’s words not mine) will contain a black Wii, black Wii remote, nunchuck and Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort…in it’s usual colours. Topping off this new black range will be the Classic Controller Pro (like the existing Classic Controller but with wings) and individul Wii Remotes, nunchucks and Wii MotionPlus all in black and all coming out November 20th. The Wii Sports Resort black bundle will retail at £179.99 RRP with the peripherals costing no more than they do now – they’ll just be black.

Those over analytical amongst us would suggest that things are beginning to slow down a teeny bit for Nintendo and nothing perks up sales like an alternate colour console. At the same time, when the Wii was first announced Nintendo spoke of and even showed off differing colour Wii Remotes so it’s clearly something that’s been in their heads since before the console launched. Either way it’s a win win situation for them.


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