Life on mars

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Oh Heavy Rain. How you do make me want you. Guillaume de Fondaumiere at Quantic Dream presents us with a new scene from the game which I think is the best yet. It shows a lot more of the interactivity within Heavy Rain hopefully to rid the game of being considered as a QTE adventure. We all know the sad tale of Ethan Mars who lost one of his sons in a car accident. The first scene takes place not long after, though long enough for the once happily married, fairly well off architect to become a poorer single dad. Guillaume emphasizes the freedom of choice with Mars and we’re taken through what must be the events after Mars collects his son from school. Not the most exciting start but it is cool, honest! We get to see the use of sixaxis like shaking a carton or orange juice and the ways we can interact with Mars’ son. It’s a little odd how some button commands float around the character because I feel it breaks the immersion. But it’s not out until next year so Quantic Dream have time to sort that if it is too problematic.

Heavy Rain is a game for adults. Not filthy or gory¬† but with mature content and situations. I’m glad that we’ll have a game like this soon hope it can help to end those unwanted stereotypes of video games.


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