Not so super

New Super Mario Bros Wii - Tin tastic!

Everyone loves a special edition, especially the publishers as they can give us a little bit extra content, for a lot extra cash. I may sound slightly negative but it’s only because I get suckered into getting these every time! The latest to catch my eye is for New Super Mario Bros Wii which comes in a limited edition tin case. What’s even better is how the tin has a slot in the top allowing for it to be used as a piggy bank to save up for the next special edition game. In all seriousness, I would have expected a bit more from Nintendo than just a tin case. New Super Mario Bros Wii is bound to be one of their biggest titles and I would have thought the special edition would be a bit more special for £50. Effectively we’d be paying £15 for a piggy bank as the regular game costs only £35…hmm…it’s looking less and less desirable now isn’t it? Not bad if you’re a collector I suppose… So far it’s only available in the UK from retailer GAME but I’m sure the US will be getting some preorder goodies too.


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