I’ve got worms

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Earthworm Jim was one of my favourite SNES games and I’m eagerly awaiting it’s rerelease onto the new generation of consoles so I can experience the wormed one all over again. I was equally excited when I heard that it was coming to the iPhone as I could get my silly-platform fix on the go! Unfortunately the latest trailer has damped my jubilations somewhat. PocketGamer hosted the new trailer in which you can see an on-screen control system similar to many of the developer’s, (Gameloft), copies games. I’m still uncomfortable with the whole faux d-pad/analog stick as I’m yet to play a game where it works flawlessly. Could Earthworm Jim be the game to get it right? Probably not. Although the graphics have had a bit of a tweaking, the rest of the game looks incredibly similar to the 1994 release. Not that such a thing is necessarily bad, just that it’s looking more and more like a port than a remake. Being a ‘glass half full’ kinda guy’, I’m still hopeful that the pros of Earthworm Jim on the iPhone will outweigh the cons. We’ll find out ‘soon’ because that’s all the information we have so far as to when it’s coming!


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