ReBirth of a classic

Castlevania featured in Famitsu

Konami maybe tight lipped about the upcoming Castlevania game headed for WiiWare but Famitsu doesn’t seem to think it’s a secret. The publisher hasn’t even announced the game officially but the Japanese gaming mag has revealed the name to be Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth. Wait, Where have we heard that before? Why on the Game Boy of course as ReBirth will be a remake of the classic Castlevania: The Adventure. Graphically it’ll be updated by a couple of years giving it a 16bit look with new enemies and altered level designs. To make the ReBirth even more modern, Konami are doing away with ropes and replacing them with stairs for all our ascending needs. Remixes of classic Castlevania tracks will also appear in the game, out 27th October in Japan. North America gets it Q3 2009 meaning European’s won’t have it until Q1 2010 most likely. Coming in at 1,000 Wii Points I’m hoping there’ll be considerable differences from the Game Boy version in order for Konami to charge such a price.

{Thanks Joystiq}


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