Breaking wind


UPDATE: The video was having technical issues and was replaced with this spiffing image of Toku instead.

With the launch of Nintendo’s WiiWare service came the release of the utterly charming LostWinds, giving us hope that other games may follow with a similar quality. Unfortunately this hasn’t quite been the case and WiiWare has fallen victim to developers making less than average games in the hope of easy money. The handful which are worth playing generally rise to the top and joining them tomorrow comes LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, a sequel to the original and best selling WiiWare classic. As a somewhat fitting tribute, LW:WotM will be the 100th game to be released in Europe’s WiiWare service for 1,000 Wii points.

Once again we’ll take control of Toku and Enril as they utilise the power of wind (insert joke here…) to save Toku’s mother in an all new adventure. To add to that already turbulent task, the pair must lift and ancient curse and kick the evil Balasar‘s butt. Sounds good to me and the video image above only makes me want it even more!


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