Jack the lad

The Ripper - thanks to Destructoid

You may already heard the news that EA have decided to make a game based on Jack the Ripper which is being developed by Visceral – the brains behind Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space 2. Destructoid has heard a thing or two about The Ripper (I assume that’s the working title) which puzzled me so. In EA’s world, blood-thirsty Jack is actually a kind hearted fellow who slays demons, not prostitues and cuddles puppies whilst helping old ladies across the road (Ok, I made the last two up…). So lovely Jack will be hunting vampires, monsters and the aforementioned demons, saving people from such fowl beasts. Beasts which Destructoid were told are a cross between the creatures in Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space (Ah, I’m seeing a link now). To deal with the nasties, Jack gets to play with some crazily eccentric weapons and the ability to slow time – like all good Victorians did.

I see why EA are trying something different from the usual ‘who done it’ type of game that many developers would have produced but am rather un-sold on the idea. Jack the Ripper was a murderer who killed 5 women in an ever increasing violent fashion. Playing him as a hero feels a little odd to me. But let’s be honest, if the game is fun to play I can’t imagine many people who care for all that long.


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