Just a few days after launch, some online retailers are reducing the price of a PSPgo to £199.99 rather than the £224.99 RRP Sony introduced it as. A few already offered the device at the lower price (like or Tesco for example) but many others have followed suit due to what ShopTo is calling a “slow start”. Speaking to CEO Igor Cipolletta, received this chin-strokingly interesting quote: “PSPgo has seen a slow start for ShopTo and we have kept stock quite tight in consideration. We remained at the RRP for PSPgo so that we can achieve the maximum margin considering that there will be no further software sales for this format for us as an e-tailer.” Clearly ShopTo hasn’t followed the masses and drop their price because for them, it wouldn’t make financial sense. His comment about how there will be “no further software sales” is what could be the undoing of the handheld. Before, we as the consumer were able to pick and choose just how much we paid for a game by shopping around, picking up sale bargains or even a preowned copy. Now however, the pricing and distribution of PSPgo games will be done by Sony via PSN. Sure there will still be a UMD version for regular PSPs but without such an input, we’re at the mercy of Sony’s pricing structure. Another independent  video game retailer Chips, had it’s top dog, Don McCabe, chat with today saying “My own personal opinion is that [the PSPgo] a no-go. I’ve been to a number of presentations to see if there’s anything there and I don’t feel it’ll go anywhere to be honest.” That has to hurt Sony who only just finished a PR campaign stating sales of all PSPs had risen by over 120% thanks to the launch of the PSPgo. From what the retailers are saying, it seems as if it’s the PSP-3000 which did most of the work.


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