Bat dance

Weeeeeeee! - Batman: Arkham Asylum

With the insane amount of hype that Batman: Arkham Asylum is getting from some reviews, you’d think it was able to cure cancer. My time with the game left me with a slightly different view but also the knowledge that it could be amazing for fans of the comic franchise. Gameinformer had a chat with the talent behind the game, developers Rocksteady Studios about the how they made Batman: Arkham Asylum solve world hunger, end wars and fix the economy (kidding!).

  • Female mentalist Harley Quinn had some of her moves motion captured from one of the producers – who’s a dude!
  • The screams and moans when first entering the asylum are none other than the development team themselves.
  • Rather unsurprisingly, the combat was initially a rhythm action game which evolved into a 2D system and finally became what we have now in the game.
  • The name ‘Joker‘ is said a total of 384 times – can you count them all?
  • AI navigational nodes total 4,556 on the island.
  • 314 breakable TVs can be found on Arkham Island.
  • It took 174,405 art, audio, animation, code and design check-ins to make the game.

Can you imagine how the game would have played if it had rhythm action fight sequences? Some may argue that it’s not far off that now.


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