Brown nose

Modern Warfare 2 - value for money?

It’s bad enough that Activision are bumping up the RRP of it’s games without them being smug about the whole thing. MCV (via Videogamer) spoke to UK managing director Andrew Brown about the price hike of Modern Warfare 2 and high cost of plastic-peripheral-pushing DJ Hero which comes out at £109.99. Brown thinks that an RRP of £55 for MW2 and over £100 for DJ Hero is value for money. “At the end of the day, there is a spectrum of what people can afford and what people are prepared to spend. These things are key.” I’m not convinced. He adds “There’s nothing in life that isn’t price elastic. Price at retail changes all the time depending on how successful a product is or isn’t. I think there is a lot of controversy over I don’t know what.” This comment is most bizarre since pretty much since the days of the NES, video games have stayed the same price if not become cheaper. It’s one of the only industries that hasn’t been effected by yearly inflation. The whole things feels like a dirty move to get even more money out of a game that everybody wants. Where’s the controversy? Right in front of your face Mr Brown.


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