Peter’s fables

What a life eh?

It appears, though not officially announced, that Fable III may be delivered episodically judging by Peter Molyneux‘s comments to Edge (via Total Video Games). He revealed that an inspiration for the next chapter in the Fable series was none other than Charles Dickens: “The fascinating thing [about Charles Dickens’ books] is that he wrote them as episodes in such a way that there would be cliffhangers so people would go out to buy the next, but if you’ve got the whole book it doesn’t feel episodic.” Seeing as Fable II is currently available in episodic form on Xbox Live, it’s not foolish to think that Fable III may appear in the same way. A game of that size (popularity-wise) would no doubt also be available in disc form for huge number of Xbox 360 gamer’s not connected to Live. If so, that would negate the issues that Valve had with it’s Half Life 2 episodic content. We had to wait far too long between episodes 1 & 2 with episode 3 yet to be released. I’m keen to see if or rather when Microsoft or Lionhead Studios confirm the news because Molyneux hasn’t done a great job at keeping it secret if it is indeed true!


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