Things can only get beta

Man down man down!

If you’re not already aware, an Uncharted 2 demo has been playable in multiplayer form for all who preordered the game. As of 7pm last night (UK time) Sony/Insomniac lifted the exclusivity and anyone who owns a PS3 can download the 1.3gb demo and join in the fun! Considering the size and the speed of Sony’s servers I’d imagine it would take a fair bit of time to download off PSN so best start asap if this indeed tickles your fancy. It’s available up until October 12th which is another reason to start coughing at your place of work, sprinkle water on your head and fake an illness in order to head home early. What will greet you is as follows:

  • Four maps – The Ice Cave, The Temple, The Village and The Plaza
  • Deathmatch, Elimination, Plunder, Chain Reaction, Co-op Gold Rush and an extract from one of our Co-op objective levels
  • The Machinima mode, where you can run around the levels and tweak the camera so you can create movies which you can then watch in Cinema mode
  • Cinema mode, where you can watch movies of your online matches, or your performances in Machinima mode, then upload them and send them to your friends (as long as they’ve got the Beta to watch it on of course)
  • Twitter option – enter your twitter account details and you’ll automatically tweet status updates of your online progress
  • Store items – we’ve included a selection of the Skins, Boosters, and Taunts as well as all the Co-op Weapon Upgrades for you to spend your hard earned ingame cash on

Like many the twitter option will remain untouched as the social network site is already a wash with random updates so being being potentially spammed by the game would surely annoy. We won’t have long to wait once the beta has finished either as the game goes on sale October 16th here in the UK.

{Thanks Euro PS Blog}


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