Super smashing great

Capcom's Japanese website for the game

After the teaser site and very short flash video regarding an announcement for Street Fighter IV today, French website JV247 (via Eurogamer) spoiled Capcom‘s fun and leaked the info early – Spring next year will see the release of Super Street Fighter IV. The idea of a couple of new DLC characters has been trumped with a whole new game set a year after SFIV (for anyone who actually followed the storyline…). T. Hawk and Dee Jay will be in the game a possibly even Dudley, Ibuki, Cody, Makoto, Adon, Hakan and Guy. New girl Juri will also be added with Capcom rebalancing the fighters and adding another Ultra combo for all. Online enthusiasts maybe treated to a lobby system – aren’t we lucky! Alas there won’t be any compatibility with SFIV because of all the tweaks to the fighters and game engine resulting in some gamers feeling short changed for buying SFIV when Super SFIV is on the way. By the time the new game is out, we’d have been playing the original version for over a year so although it may not be the best way to treat consumers, 12 months + of fireballs and dragon punches is not a bad thing to have. Not to mention how Super SFIV will be a budget price probably working out the same as if it were the game was released in DLC chunks (have you seen the price of the alternate costumes?!). Take a look after the break for some of the better images from JV247

New girl Juri

That would hurt...

An interesting kick from T. Hawk


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