He is ghost

Lee enjoying himself at the G4 studios

The man who uttered such poetic lyrics such as “Weekend confirmed” and “We are ghost” is heading to Gamefly Media as editorial director. Garnett Lee will be overseeing sites such as Shacknews, FileShack, Shackvideo, Ponged and Game Answers ending his long served time at 1up.com. Being the host of the ever popular 1up Yours and then Listen Up podcasts, Lee hopes to develop a podcast in his new position as well as having a regular column at Shacknews. “Shacknews has a great community and tradition of having the community really involved in everything that goes on on the site,” Said Lee. “That’s huge for me. And second, it has an editorial reputation for being down to earth–the ‘straight shooters’ if you will.” It’s pretty big news for fans of Listen Up as the it throws up the question of whether the podcast will continue in the same way as it has and who will head up the show. Either way, good luck Mr Lee…if you’re reading this…


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